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looking for four leaf clovers (and other aquatic plants)

specifically looking for four leaf water clovers (Marsilea hirsuta)
let me know if you have some so we can work out a trade. PM me for my availability.
If you have other aquatic/aquarium plants let me know I may want to trade for them too
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I have some Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides if you're interested.
I have a fair amount of M. quadrifolia. I'm interested in Dionaea cultivars, Neps, Darlingtonia, Helis, and Cephs. PM me with a growlist if you're interested.
thanks guys
still looking though
I may end up getting the M. quadrifolia if I cant find hirsuta
the hydrocotyle spreads too fast for me, I would neglect it and it'd eat my entire tank
thanks again though
any other aquatic plants out there?