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Looking For (trade) Looking for Dragons

Oct 17, 2002
Hi there,
This may be a long shot, but I will give a try here because I know this is only place that could help me. I am looking for some TC Exotica plants that was released more than 10 yrs ago, the N. 'Red Dragon', Marbled Dragon, 'Black Dragon', and any other Dragon series. They can be rooted or unrooted cutting.
I have some good Nepenthes cuttings for trade.
N. Black dragon
N. Izumiea x veitchii
N. Maxima x(lowii x ventricosa)
N. Singalana x hamata
N. Spathulata x hamata
N. Lowii x campanulata

Please let me know if you could help or point to a source. Many thanks