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looking for D Paradoxa

I have a Drosera Paradoxa that loves to flower!! I always have a flower stalk coming up, getting ready to flower or in bloom. I would like to get another Paradoxa so I can get seeds from them so I can expand my collection and make this plant more popular for other growers. Please let me know if any you have some I am willing to pay good money for it or trade! thank for your time
you can't buy or sell plants on this forum fyi
Also Sam this is mostly a US forum which makes trading difficult. Your best bet is posting on OCPS like you have. I believe there are actually some recommendations posted there for you.

This forum is great for pictures though and tons of information.
You need two genetically different clones (e.g. seed grown) clones in order to get viable seed. Knowing the origin of the plants will reduce any frustration. Petiolaris Drosera will self-fertilize very very very rarely. Something you cannot count on.