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Looking for D. Capensis Red


Petiolaris Enthusiast
Looking for D. Capensis Red DONE

Im looking for a D. Capanesis Red to Cross with my D. Spatulata Kanto

or seeds or plants of Capensis x Spatulata

I have many vaireties of flytraps to trade
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I will have flowers on my D. capensis 'red' later this spring.
I have many seeds and plants of D. Capensis Red. What vft do you have? drop me a PM.

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I have quite a few young capensis red very young plants (a few months old, sewn around Christmas time last year) I could spare a few of those. Although I don't think they will be at maturity for this year.
I don't think mine are flowering anytime soon ( I tend to cut down the flowers usually) but if you want I can place some leafs in a tube of water and wait until it has plantlets and we can perhaps do a trade?