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Looking for d. adelae and d. schizandra


Decumbent Fanatic
I am looking for these two sisters. My adelae got attacked by fungus gnats and hasn't quite bounced back. I would perfer a vigorous growth adelae that's been grown under low light( long green leaves). But will take any.

If you have these please pm me so that we can work out a trade.
I have a TON of adelae, PM being sent.
I have a couple small D. schizandra and some leaves in propagation. What do you have to trade?
Thank you both.

I'm set on adelae. Still looking for schizandra
Willing to trade a small cephlotus for d. schizandra.
If you have any avaiable or can point me in the right direction please contact me.
Be sure to do your homework on this plant. I've probably sent out 50 or so to new homes over the past several years and 95% of them are now dead. It's a fantastic species when grown to it's potential (probably even more impressive than D. regia) but one that's not very tolerant of ill-suited conditions.

Best of luck in your quest.