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Looking for Cephalotus

I am creating a Cephalotus vertical wall to display in my lab. Perhaps, I can get more of my students interested in cps and a little help in the TC department. I am looking for a few small Cephalotus to try out the conditions, preferably the faster growing giant varieties. I am currently in a losing battle, to summer vacations and sunny beaches....

PM if you interested in a trade, and the specific genus you are interested in.
i would be interested to see your design when it is completed.
It is nothing as elaborate as some of other vertical walls posted here. It has a small footprint, consisting of a 2-gallon terrarium that can sit on the lab bench, or be moved to my office as a display. $30 in materials and a few rounds of autoclaving. I will post pictures when it is all said and done.
PM sent