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looking for a snake

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i am currently looking for a new snake. i would like to get a corn snake or a gtp. i would love to trade to get one of these. i know the gtp is a streach but it doesnt hurt to try.
if anyone knows of a good source just let me know.
Well it wouldn't be for trade but suggestions:

Check Craigslist -- sometimes you get lucky. BUT keep in mind that:
1) Some of the posters are idiots charging ridiculous "rehoming" fees.
2) Some of the animals will not be in the greatest of shape as their owner was an idiot.

Herp show -- Google and see if there is one in driving distance for you. Shows are my preference:
1) Depending on the time of year and the vendors, can find a nice selection.
2) No possible issues with shipping.
3) You get to examine the actual animal.
4) You can "pick the brain" of the breeder while you're there.
5) Typically far cheaper than any petstore or buying online.
Thanks for all of the info. Reptile shows are the best. I live in a rural area now so no chance of those anymore :(
where are you? i know tons of corn snake breeders and might know where one is close to you. shipping runs anywhere from 25 to 60 on top of the price of the snake. if you were in michigan, i have several corns that i don't have any breeding plans for.
i live in tennessee.
There is a huge difference in price and care between a GTP and a corn...
I would definitely not say a GTP is a beginner snake.
Get something simple, corn, ball, Red tail, king snake, milk snake... Hell my best recommendation would be a Hognose snake...
Ball Pythons being my second.

GTPs are not very well known to be hand friendly, and require an arboreal set up... If you do not mind getting bit/not holding your snake go ahead and get a GTP but do a fair bit of research and save yourself time and money by possibly losing that snake in the future do to lack of knowledge... It is not as simple as put it in a box and leave it, thats a ball python LOL
seriously though
put a ball python in a rubbermaid/sterilite tub with a UTH on a t-stat with a waterdish and a hide...
instant pet rock.
i agree with the gtp not being for beginners. balls are a good choice, but can be finicky eaters. kings are garbage disposals, but tend to be flightier/ muskers. milks are gorgeous but also tend to be very high strung. hogs are super cute, stay small and are usually just bluffers, not really aggressive. i'm getting my first pair of tarahumara boas this week. they're pretty adorable.
My cali king is perfectly docile, doesnt even musk...
My milks however... They love to musk...