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Hey everyone,
I'm looking for some hard to find neps, They are really rare plants... but
no one else is posting for em,

Heres the list
Here is a list of plants:
2 N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana 12"
1 N. trusmadiensis 12"
2 N. macrophylla 10-12" and several 3-4"
2 N. truncata black 12-16"
1 N. sibuyanensis x trusmadiensis 12-14"
1 N. jacquelineae red 12"
6? N. truncata x trusmadiensis 2-3"
1-2 N. maxima x trusmadiensis southern carnivores clones 10"
1 N. lowii trusmadi 14" upper pitcher stage
1 N. ventricosa squat x (spectabilis x northiana) clone APA clump in pot
1 N. ventricosa x lowii American clone from J. Shafer 16"
3-4 pots of N. lowii x ventricosa red clone APA and APB

If you've got any of em let me know,

I promise I'll make it worth your while ;)

you can PM me, or just drop a line on here. No one will mind