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Lithops desync ?

Hi guys,

im pretty new with these lil rocks, i bought some last july. They are on my windowsill under full sun. They seem to thrive. But some are flowering, and other start to make new leaves. All this in the same pot. It is normal ?




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Looks like you have several species in that pot. That could be the reason.
I'm spotting some L. fulviceps and L. karasmontana, perhaps a couple L. bromfieldii too. There will be differences in flowering times between species as well as relative maturity levels (i.e. you will get new leaves rather than flowers if your plants are under 2-3 years old.)
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yes i have several species, TPM you even ID my plants ! thx a lot.

so, i will keep the growing conditions, and i will see :)

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a last question guys: i read on the net that they need a cool/cold winter. Can i grow them at 18/10C day/night (in my HL setup)

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If your highland set up is humid they probably won't want that. In NE United States my Lithops did fine on a bright sill. It gets pretty chilly right next to the window.
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they have low humidity, but cool/cold temperatures. I grow them in the same room, with my helis, but outside the terra.

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