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Liquid Diet For Jumping Spider?

There's this cute jumping spider living in the bathroom, but I'm unable to find bugs for it. Could I make it a tofu purée and serve it with a cotton ball? I don't want him to go hungry, but I'm not sure if he'd be able to digest tofu properly.
sounds like a poor substitute. you can't any more protein saturated than an insect. insects carry a balance of all 20 essential amino acids considered necessary for all life functions. not to mention the structure of proteins found in soy are different than that of an animal- so a good chance of the spider's venom being unable to break it down. even more so, jumping spiders are movement based predators, so unless it's moving, it wont be targeted as a morsel.
lmao feeding a spider tofu puree :lol: pretty sure that wont work

if hes in your house chances are there is a foodsource. just leave him to continue hunting for his own food. youd be amazed, even the cleanest houses usually have a few lil buggers to feed on :)
That definitely won't work. They only go for moving food, and jumping spiders are smart, so they won't go for something that doesn't look like a bug.
Guess I'll have to buy him a butterworm. They will drink water and stuff from cotton balls though. Jumping spiders are too cute! Too bad they have a short lifespan.
That's why I have a bird eater, 20 years!
if hes in your house chances are there is a foodsource.
Winter can be a rough time for jumpers to make it through until spring. Many house inhabitants are seasonal and greatly diminish as conditions become less & less hospitable (reduced temps & humidity). Fungus gnats around your indoor CPs or houseplants are a likely possibility as well as some random fruitflies that come in with fresh fruit.
You could always hit pet store and get an appropriate sized cricket (generally no bigger than the jumper -- a bit smaller would be good). Catch the jumper and put it in a jar/container (don't forget the air holes) with the cricket.

Cottonballs and sponges are not good watering methods -- biggest issue is bacteria/mold. A light misting of water will do. They generally sip droplets of water off of leaves. You can also use a bottle cap with a relatively "large" pebble in the middle. This allows the spider access without the danger of falling in an drowning. Just make sure to rinse off the pebble and clean out the bottle cap to prevent bacteria or mold build up.

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