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Liparis reflexa

This little stinker, Liparis reflexa, is starting its flowering this year. There are two inflorescences so the resulting scent will be delightful as they open their flowers :awesome:. I can't help feeling that from a certain angle the plant is trying to tell me something.

Do tell us, Fred - what does it smell like?
Photos of previous flowering for reference as I don't seem to have posted that here in the past.




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Do tell us, Fred - what does it smell like?

About the best estimation would be a couple of dozen wet nappies (diapers) left in a plastic bag to mature for a month or so.
The third pic in the first post does have a rather avian feel to it........
The plant today, still out in an unheated greenhouse (UK)


The word 'Bird' still comes to mind when I examine the flowers.
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