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  1. fredg

    Liparis reflexa

    This little stinker, Liparis reflexa, is starting its flowering this year. There are two inflorescences so the resulting scent will be delightful as they open their flowers :awesome:. I can't help feeling that from a certain angle the plant is trying to tell me something.
  2. PitcherPlantr

    Mackinac and Emmet County, Michigan

    Last year I took a trip to the northern portion of Michigan and the southern portion of Upper Peninsula. On the trip I encountered various carnivorous plants and orchids. Emmet County (Day 1): The first site was quite unique compared to similar sites I have been to. All of these plants...
  3. Victoria

    Orchids for trade

    Hello all! My husband and I had hoped that my orchids would not bother our sons asthma but since one of them bloomed his asthma has been out of control which is really bad for a severe asthmatic. So without a second thought I chopped that dirty flower off and am now putting all my orchids up...
  4. G

    Help locating Orchids

    Ok, I am changing from easy to grow, to native species.. Wondering if anyone has, or knows were I can get either plants or seeds of any of the following. -wi = locally threatened -us = federally threatened/endangered Calypso bulbosa -wi Liparis liliifolia Platanthera clavellata Platanthera...