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Help locating Orchids

Ok, I am changing from easy to grow, to native species..

Wondering if anyone has, or knows were I can get either plants or seeds of any of the following.

-wi = locally threatened
-us = federally threatened/endangered

Calypso bulbosa -wi
Liparis liliifolia
Platanthera clavellata
Platanthera dilatata -wi
Platanthera flava -wi
Platanthera hookeri -wi
Platanthera huronensis
Platanthera lacera
Platanthera leucophaea -us
Platanthera orbiculata -wi
Platanthera psycodes
Pogonia ophioglossoides
Triphora trianthophora subsp. trianthophora -wi
Most of those aren't in high enough demand to be commercially available.  Pogonia ophioglossoides is probably the exception and well known CP dealer (and NASC national head grower) Dean Cook - http://www.flytraps.com - has them in his not available at the moment listing of bog orchids.

Check the Troy Meyers Conservancy - http://www.troymeyers.com/ - which has many of those species listed.  But he sells flasks and you have to put in a reservation and hope you get plants.  It can be a year or more before you find out whether you'll get them.  Then you'll need to grow them to maturity.  Keep in mind that patience is a virtue.  The Platanthera ciliaris 'Arkansas' listed there is mine, but only two plants germinated from all the seed pods I collected and sent him a year ago.
Ok gonna bring up my old topic here.

Here is my complete wishlist on native Wisconsin orchids. If anyone manages to get a flask from Troy Meyers Conservancy and I don't please let me get a few plants from you. Or if anyone sees them else where, lemme know where to get them.

Amerorchis rotundifolia
Aplectrum hyemale
Arethusa bulbosa
Calopogon tuberosus
Calypso bulbosa
Coeloglossum viride
Corallorhiza trifida
Corallorhiza maculata
Corallorhiza odontorhiza
Corallorhiza striata
Cypripedium acaule
Cypripedium arietinum
Cypripedium candidum
Cypripedium calceolus
Cypripedium reginae
Epipactis helleborine
Galearis spectabilis
Goodyera oblongifolia
Goodyera pubescens
Goodyera repens
Goodyera tesselata
Liparis lilifolia
Liparis loeselii
Listera auriculata
Listera cordata
Listera convallarioides
Malaxis monophyllos
Malaxis unifolia
Platanthera clavellata
Platanthera dilatata
Platanthera flava
Platanthera hookeri
Platanthera hyperborea
Platanthera lacera
Platanthera leucophaea
Platanthera obtusata
Platanthera orbiculata
Platanthera psycodes
Pogonia ophioglossoides
Spiranthes casei
Spiranthes cernua
Spiranthes lacera
Spiranthes lucida
Spiranthes magnicamporum
Spiranthes ovalis
Spiranthes romanzoffiana
Triphora trianthophora
Sorry, but no, it isn't listed federally.

Others on my list are, that doesn't change the fact that I'd like to get them.
I'm actually applying for the Wisconsin permit to collect and posses the in state protected species. I'll be talking with a few people in the DNR that I know to inquire about, and to help me fill out the applications succesfully.
I'll probably hold off on the federally listed species until next year, none of those are available in TC right now, and are some distance from my house.
You can find some of the Cyps your looking for from Oak hill Orchids (I think its oak hill) Try Hoosier orchids too. They grow them from seeds and work with people to reintroduce them into the wild. They might have some of the others your looking for too. I didn't realize we had that many orchids native to the states. I knew about the Cyps and a few others, but not the calypso and the liparis species. I remember seeing an orchid nursery that specializes in native species. I just can't remember the company.