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Lilium pardalinum ssp. vollmeri, Darlingtonia companion plant


Sarracenia freak
Just figured i'd share some pics of one of my favorite wild native lilies that I grow.. This sp. is often found growing mixed in with Darlingtonia in the Siskiyou Mountains.. As soon as my two main adult plants start to produce offshoot bulbs, im going to create a combo bog bowl with them and some of my Siskiyou Mt. cobras.. Can't wait.







Not my pic
Wow amazing colors and pattern.
spectacular Brie! thanks for sharing!
Beautiful lilies Brie! Now you just need Epipactis and Cyp californicum to complete the scene.It's pointless for me to try those things in Alabama so I've been working on Sarracenia companions L.L. catesbaei and iridollae. Both are growing well but the iridollae bud crapped out before opening. They seem to require relatively heavy fertilization for bog plants. Have you needed to fertilize your lilies?
Yeah ive had my eyes peeled for Cyp. californicum, I do want to add it to the future set up when I do it... A local nursery has them but theyre $80 and im poor. :(

I want to try catesbaei soooooo bad.. but I have a feeling our winters would kill it. :(

And no, i've never fertilized my lilies.. I think since vollmeri lives in the same serpentine soil as darlingtonia, it really doesnt need any...
Wow, those are awesome!!! They remind me of tiger lilies.
Excellent pics, Brie. :)