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Lighting Questions

Hello everyone! I am planning on adding more lights to my terrarium and would like some recommendations.

Current set up:
All three light fixtures have 2 T5 HO 6500k tubes..


I would like to add lighting to the sides and far back of the tank. Any suggestions?

What do you think about something like this?
^Would this be to powerful (says 10000k)

Tell me your recommendations!! Thanks!
To increase the efficiency of your lighting, you could try putting something reflective like foil around the sides so the light isn't lost there.
I use mirrors instead of foil, they are much more effective and I think add a good view point for the plants at the back.
Also add a substrate to the bottom, to increase humidity I use basalt and keep the water level just below the basalt gravel level, this increase the evaporation and thus build humidity, and unlike spag or peat it doesn't let fungus or diseases spread (atleast not for me).
Remember that an increase in the lightings power means an increase in heat output, make sure your moving the ballasts out side of the tank (unless you need the heating)
Current set up:
All three light fixtures have 2 T5 HO 6500k tubes.
I would like to add lighting to the sides and far back of the tank. Any suggestions?

^Would this be to powerful (says 10000k)

So you have 6 T5 HO bulbs? I think you just need reflective backs/sides and better spacing. That should be a lot of light you already have. Maybe turn them 90 degrees and space them evenly and see how that looks.

The 10K, not 10000K is referring to the color of the light not the brightness.

You would need to buy atleast 1 new bulb with that fixture, you can use the 10K one but the Actinic one would need replacing unless you plan to use it for supplemental lighting somewhere you already had the reds covered.

If your just looking to add some lighting to the area your existing lighting is not covering you could just add some daylight compact flourscent bulbs. You can buy them at just about any chain hardware store then you just need a fixture (Think the hoods for 2.5g aquariums). They also make LED versions of these bulbs, I've never used them. http://www.lightyourreptiles.com/led1.html
I have galvanized metal surrounding all the sides. Would adding some T12's be okay or should I stick to T5 HO?
I will be going to homedepot to get some other supplies this weekend. Is there anything there I could possibly check out?

Thanks guys!
Don't use T12, those are being phased out and soon won't be available any more.
What is the height of your tank and the length of your tank? I think you have some weak light areas on the sides. You could probably salvage these fixtures and get new 36" ones IMO. That is the most efficient way to use your tank. Also, I agree with RSS... I don't know if the actinic would help..I would probably go for some "red" light fixtures...something like a colormax or GE plant gro spectrum to add some reds to the lighting. The 6500K will give enough blue light. Its the reds you need to supplement. <textarea id="adlesse_unifier_magic_element_id" style="display: none;"></textarea>
Don't use T12, those are being phased out and soon won't be available any more.

I have a Sylvania box of T12s I got a couple years ago, so I am not up-to-speed on these. What is the story? T12 size bulbs all going away and why would they? What do you know? (I will google it as well, just curious what you got.)
Oh man I'm hardly an expert. I was just doing some research on T5 vs. T8 bulbs in terms of energy efficiency and heat output and all that and a couple different sources said that T12s have been in the process of being phased out for a couple years, and soon they won't be sold anymore. They're just an older, significantly less efficient technology and there's basically no reason to not use either T5s or T8s.
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T12 are less efficient than T8s, T8s are less efficient than T5s. I'm pretty sure they have stopped making T12 bulbs altogether and are just selling the existing stock. I would expect T8s to follow the same path in a few years.

From a random article on the web, from what I know it appears correct enough to get the basics across.

"DOE is regulating T12 lamps and some T8 lamps, incandescent lamps, and other inefficient technologies as a method of moving energy consumers to be more efficient. The new standards for linear fluorescent lamps is based on efficacy, or ensuring that newer lighting technology offers greater lumens (light output) per watt and a higher CRI (Color Rendering Index.) In effect since July 2012, the legislation eliminates nearly all 4-foot T12 lamps, some 4-foot T8 lamps, most 8-foot T12 lamps, and almost all standard halogen PAR38, PAR30 and PAR20 lamps from the market."
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Thanks to you both for the info.

I am glad for the update being all progress, I am just concerned about my fixtures going obsolete. They were cheap Lowe's shoplights but still...was just moving them back indoors to start some seed :(

Thanks for the heads up!