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Lighting 2 or 4 T5 Winter/Summer

Hey everyone:

I read through the lighting guide and Googled it, but it's been a few years since most of those have been updated so I thought it would be okay to ask for advice.

I recently bought several 4 tube T5 light fixtures which have the option of have two or four lights on. (For reference, this is the one I got). I've also got a timer, but I wasn't sure how long I should set the lights to be on each day. Can someone give me some advice on how many hours summer/winter? Thanks!

For reference, I'm trying to get light for, basically, pots with East Coast (USA) CPs; a Ceph, a couple Australian 'dews, a few S. African 'dews, and a few Neps. (A nice mix there).

Thanks for the advice,
I use a t5 four tube fixture with three 105 watt Photography Daylight CFL's in clip-on sockets for 14 hours day.
and I start my plants at a good distance of about 18" -24" If a Neps starts to turn red, I raise the lights more.