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Leucophylla Help?

A month ago, some of the pitcher tops turned brown, then all of them did...

Now all that they are making are the sun-absorbing leaves, no new pitchers.






The weird thing is that my flava, which are in the same spot, are doing fine:


The other sarrs (Psittacina, Scarlett something, Judith Hindle, and some oreophila cross) are doing fine, they just have green pitchers. The plants WERE in full sun, but then I had to move them off the patio for some parties.




The only difference between the flavas ad leucos is that the leucos came from Alabama, and the Flava from somewhere else.

I would really appreciate some help!!!

It looks as thought they've gone dormant with the lower light levels. What are the temps where they grow?
Looks definitely like not enough light, not enough water. The leaves the leuco is making are phyllodiform, saying it is not getting enough water, and the resto f the plants defnitely need full sun again.
They do tend to perk up at the end of summer.
Your photos, and your post, suggest you dont pay much attention to your plants! ;)
(weeds everywhere, if they had to be moved for a party, why didnt you just move them back after the party? etc..)
have they dried out on occasion? and yes, as everyone has said, its obvious nothing is getting enough light..
solution: they just need better care and better growing conditions..

Yeah, the party was a few weeks ago, then my family left to Canada for a few weeks, although there was a ton of rain... :scratch: They were dry when I got back from Canada, but I had some neighbors filling their dishes every week.

Last night I put them back in full sun, filled their water dishes, pulled out every weed, and filled in more soil around the bare rhizomes.

There are already new pitchers coming up.

One question though: How high should the water level be? I filled to the very top of their pots, but is that too high?

Thanks again for the help,

My sarrs like water about half way up the pot.