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left over pollen from a few vft if anyone has Intrest in Crossing.

Jun 12, 2015
I have done left over pollen from a few Venus fly traps that i collected a few weeks ago to use too attempt crossing their vfts.
All id need is a S.A.S.E (cause im low on stamp funds)
And ill send you the rest of the pollen ive collected

I have a few collections of VFT 'all green'/ 'green goddess'
And some from VFT 'tims giant'
And a very small sample of VFT 'jaws'

But the 'all green' is by far the most collected cause it had tons of flowers on its stalk.

Just thought id throw the offer out their id rather have it used if i can be then to store it till next year without knowing how well it will keep. Pm me thanks!

P.s: if anyone has no intrest in letting thrir VFTs flower and just cut the stalks off when they get a few inches tall, i would be interested in receiving some to attempt propping them with the kids at a next meeting when weather is in our favor.
That is if you don't have any use for them or want them. Pm me for my address or I'll try and send a self addresses envelope if i get money to spare to buy a stamp book
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