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Large Box of Nepenthes cuttings courtesy NECPS courtesy UNH - Rhizomatous $6

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Hey Everyone:

I am offering, on behalf of the NECPS, a large flat rate box's worth of Nepenthes x ventrata and Nepenthes 'Miranda' cuttings. I cut these yesterday (Friday, April 12, 2014) afternoon at UNH's greenhouse for the NECPS. Dave S., our President, elected to share the wealth and have me list the remaining cuttings, which take up about a large flat rate box's worth of room, for the benefit of the NASC. I'd estimate there are probably about 20 plants worth of cuttings, though I haven't counted them all.

This is a great opportunity for those of you who are new to Nepenthes and want to try out rooting some, those of you who want to hand out some Nepenthes to your local CP club, colleagues, classmates, whoever.

If you want to know more about the NECPS' work at UNH you can read the thread over at the NECPS forum (1) and/or my blog entries (1, 2, 3).

For this auction, the buyer will pay for shipping. (US buyers only, sorry). Winning bidder, please PM me for contact about shipping addresses, fees, etc.

Bid opens at $5
Payment for this item has been received by the NASC. You may ship this item when ready!

High bidder: If you haven't already, please contact the donor directly regarding shipping arrangements, including how to pay for any shipping costs if noted in the original post. Please remember to return to this thread to note when the item has been shipped and received so that the thread can be closed appropriately.

Thanks for supporting the NASC this year! :)
This item has shipped and should arrive soon.
Arrived today. Cuttings are intact and still look viable. Thanks!
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