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La doña juana

Today I visited a beautiful rainforest packed with all sorts of things!
 It was sooooooo beautiful! It even had its own springs to dive into and ejoy the cool and relaxing, below cero temperatures lol After I tried diving into these springs I never went into another, the water was sooo cold it actually hurts!
 Anyways I took some pictures to share them with all of you. I though you guys might like them.

Wild bromelias were roaming the place!

I also found these unique bell-shaped flowers!


Beautiful springs


And breath-taking tree heights!
Nice Photos!

The plant with bell-shaped flowers is called a brugmansia (used to be datura), or angel's trumpet. Most commonly it's grown in it's white or yellow-flowered form, which smells really good at night.

What rainforest is this (what area/state)?

thanks for sharing!

I guess it's PR, Noah. That's where he lives.

Interesting. I thought that flower looked like Datura when i saw it. Thing is, the Datura i've seen was growing in Arizona/Utah deserts... i can't believe the same thing is growing in a rainforest. Can you elaborate on the plant, Noah?

Beautiful pics - thanks for sharing. I have a goal to see tropical rainforests and dry forests while they still exist.
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (D muscipula @ June 24 2003,12:43)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Thing is, the Datura i've seen was growing in Arizona/Utah deserts... i can't believe the same thing is growing in a rainforest.  Can you elaborate on the plant, Noah?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
I doubt a Brugmansia was growing in a desert wildy, it must have been under care with watering. Brugmansia are very thirsty plants. Mine goes dry in about 2-4 days and I mean dry, not just dry on the top of the soil, the whole pot of it.
Those pics are fantastic!
I just wish there were rain forests up here in Canada! (Except then we'd probably have to call them snow forests  
Very nice! Is that the park "above" San Juan? Breathtaking!

Spark, I think there is a temperate rainforrest somewhere on the west coast of Canada....I could be mistaken.
Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous pictures. I would LOVE to see a place like that sometime. The rainforests are so rich with wildlife and plantlife.

How luck you are to have been there.

Thanks for sharing the pics. I feel like I've been there...minus the bugs.

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Nep G:

Nethertheless, it was and does grow wild in Arches Nat'l park, Zion Nat'l park, etc.  I suspect it grows mostly in areas where a rock sublayer maintains a higher moisture level near the surface.  

I did a google.  Here's what i'm talking about:

Growing it as an ornamental
History, origin, and pharmacology
Photos and cultivation data from brugmansias.com
etc etc etc

AKA Sacred Datura, Jimsonweed, Belladonna...

Whatever you do, DON'T EAT IT!  The second link was particularly interesting.

Edit: If you read the grower comments below the info on brugmansias it appears that it also grows in the Sonoran desert. What an adaptable plant!
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Schloaty, you are correct, there is a temperate rainforest on the west coast, which I would also like to visit sometime in my life
, and even it gets snow over the winter  
. I meant a tropical rainforest, as they tend to be the kind with a more interesting array of plants and animals (cp's as an example).  
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cool , i'd like to visit that place some day .