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Kinjie's pics


Will work for CP's
So I am going to attempt to keep a pic thread going in no particular order and just snap pics as I see something:). I am not good at taking pics and I grow plants all over my house indoor and out. Some are easy to get and other are a pain so pics might not be that good or they are pics I took before they went into there finally resting place. Hope I can entertain you!

S. Kilimanjaro

Unknown but I think something special


Before the weather hammers this cobra


Purp that I don't remember what is off the top of my head


N. robcantlyi stuck between some pots

Sing x hamata

One of my favorite pics of N. tiveyi

One of the couple N. PDA x TM

D. scorpioides

N. maxima I forget what form at the moment


Doing this on my iphone and Fingers are tired so done for now and hopefully this all comes through!
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dang kinjie those are some awesome looking plants, and that pot of scorpioides :hail: and that tiveyi :drool:
Very pretty maxima uppers. I believe that purp is actually a rosea, judging from the nectar roll, hood, and last 3 letters on the label.
Awesome plants! Love the S. Kilimanjaro.
real nice looking plants
I'm rocked by the photo of your N. tiveyi. I've become a fan of striped peristomes and that's one of the most beautiful I've seen.
Oooh I like how the max is almost white :love:
Plants look great, Kinjie. We need to all get together again before the year's over. I'm thinking early December?
:0o: Wonderful collection! Your kilimanjaro is living up to its name. Looking forward to more pics.
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Thank you all for the compliments!

@wireman I pretty sure you are correct on the ID I just grow them:).
@mcmcnair that D. Scorpio is the one that always produces tons of gemmae I will be sending you.
@mato I look forward to the get together it was a lot of fun hanging with everyone. Early dec sounds good!
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Bluemax N. tiveyi is definitely a plant worth getting! Mass has a great one too that may or may not be from the same plant. I do have a buddy that has a large plant that he will be cutting sooner or later from the same female mother plant as mine:).
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N. ventricosa Porcelain

Seed grown N. lowii

N. hamata x platy

N. lowii x camp

N. lowii x truncata squat

N. clip x (clip x eymae)

S. fledling

A big mess I don't want to clean up

A friend was given this seed and grew it out and gave me some but we don't know what it is. Any ping experts out there?

Trying my hand at D. Regia

N. x briggisana var 'Jeff shafer'

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wow kinjie i love that ventricosa porecelain, if you've ever got basals let me know because i am VERY interested :-D great update
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Everything looks awesome and you have a wonderful selection of plants :3
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The platy x hamata is stellar! What a peristome!
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you got some stunning plants ,i too love that platy x hamata
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I will keep you in mind if I get a cutting.
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Thanks wireman and corky! The hamata x platy has turned out to be very nice I must agree. Jeremiah was nice enough to sell me his N. Spect x Hamta cross that looks to be very promising and will try and get a good pick of it one this next pitcher opens.
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N. spectabilis x hamata is one that has escaped my attention..... That must look awesome!
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The plant I was sent is showing great signs! Oh before I confuse a bunch of people I mislabeled and it should be N. hamata x platy:).