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I've noticed there are a number of threads on rajah and villosa but I don't think I've ever seen something on the hybrid.

Is anyone growing the plant?
Is it as tricky as a villosa?
Where can one get there hand on one or do they only come by through trades? I've not seen one for sale

If any one on the forum is growing one I would greatly appreciate first hand experience
They are not in cultivation and no one has had the two flower together.
Strange. From the readings I understood that the plant is growing on Kinabalu surprising nothing has ever been collected.
The only person I can think of who even has them is Rob Cantley. He's got one or two from wild collected seed I believe.
They do pop up for sale on the Malaysian facebook boards from time to time, but they certainly don't come at a cheap price.
Like Lance, I've seen them pop up for sale on various boards from time to time. IDK prices or provenances, but I have seen them occasionally.
Thanks for the info. With the popularity of villosa and rajah I find it really interesting kinabaluensis has never really made it to mainstream.
It might be conceivable that this hybrid is the offspring of two of the slowest growing and most finicky Nepenthes out there, so it isn't surprising to me that we still have seen no x Kinabaluensis in the mainstream market.