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Just some Nepenthes observations

I just thought I'd start a thread about fun and interesting Nepenthes observations. Feel free to chime in, and pictures are always appreciated.

First up, and the inspiration for this thread, is that N. rafflesiana, at least for me, is the plant which has its pitchers grow the most after opening. Regularly, a pitcher will grow, inflate, open, then double in size. The guy below was half that size when he opened.

Second, at least some, N. ampullaria have "fuzzy" leaves. I've been making some observations of Nepenthes leaves recently and noticed that it's the only one that I have with a fuzzy coat on its leaves.

Third, when bicals decide to grow they can really grow. This morning, when I left for work, this plant had only the stub you see to the left. Now, somewhat less than 12 hours later, it has a whole new leaf.

That's my contribution for the day. Feel free to join in!
For me,
1) The pitcher that grows the most after popping its lid is truncata x ovata. Sorry, it really doesn't show the size difference in these pics though.

2) The fuzziest leaves are from klossii.

3) Can't really say... Most of my highlanders are painfully slow but if I had to pick one plant you can literally see grow day by day, it would have to be xTrusmadiensis.
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Don't forget veitchii and chaniana are both fuzzy leaved. My Campanulata grows a bit after opening. Also there are many other fuzzy ones. Also some start out fuzzy and loose it as they grow. Many pitchers grow after opening. Lowii is another one if I'm not mistaken.
Hirsuta is fuzzy; that's where the name comes from.