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JTerry85's Sarracenia Thread

Hi everyone!

I know the title normally suggests pictures which I will be happily providing later today. But for now I wanted to share my excitement with everyone. I only have one unknown S. Rubra hybrid at the moment but it has three flowers about to bloom! And on top of that I just ordered S. flava var "copper top" and S. Purpurea venosa to add to the collection! Sorry, just very excited. I'll be sure to get pictures up here in a little bit of my S. rubra hybrid.
And here are a couple pictures as promised.

Looks like typical S. rubra rubra to me..... the flower color and pitcher color and veins are a match for this subspecies.
Thanks for the ID help hcarlton! I'll go ahead and label this one then. I can't wait for my new sarr's to show up. I've already learned a lot since reading these forums and one of the things I've got to change out is the perlite I'm using. The only available perlite I found was the miracle-gro kind with the fertilizer in it.
What sarrs are you waiting on?
S. flava var "copper top" and S. Purpurea venosa, these are the first plants I've ever ordered so I'm anxious to see how they fare being shipped bare root.
Hi jterry85
If you have got Miracle Grow perlite in your mix, either flush it very well over a period of days or change it, but that may cause problems with root disturbance and set back, especially if you want to keep the flowers. Depending on how much you used, the nutriens in the perlite will cause disfigured growth (difficult to tell with some early rubra pitchers as they can be deformed anyway) or possibly even death.

Give it a good rainy season, water from the top and throw away the water in the tray after an hour or so and repeat. If you have a PPM meter test the water in the tray and keep flushing tilll it reads less than 50ppm.

Cheers and hope that helps
Thanks for the tips Steve, That particular S. Rubra is one hardy plant! I got it September of last year and left it outside and forgot about it as I went to Drill Sergeant School. I was amazed to find it not only still alive but actually flowering! The next order of business for me is to find an online retailer that sells either a premade mix or regular old perlite as the local stores here only have the miracle gro brand.
They're finally here!!!!!!

S. Purpurea venosa

S. Flava "Copper Top"

And they even threw in a VFT!! Sorry about the quality of this one but it's pretty tiny, probably as big around as a penny.

Bristle Tooth