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jpappy789's grow rack - let's get this back to its former glory!


I hate bugs. Carnivorous plants get me.
jpappy789's grow rack - recovery mode

This is going to be my motivation to put some more work into my plants...because, well, they don't look so good right now. Probably not as bad as I'm going to make it out to be, but I've certainly seen these plants at their best and this isn't it...and I feel like I did when I first started out, for whatever reason a lot of CP knowledge has slipped through the cracks.

Finally into my own place with plenty of space to get things done. The two day move wasn't very nice on my collection either after doing some recovering this summer. Most everything's in need of repotting. Been stocking back up on media, got the grow lights working again, and finding a better source of water. Hopefully in a short time things will be looking better!

So here's what I'm starting out with. Mostly offshoots of the mother plants that gave it all they could with what they were given from me. Lots of newer things that need to be put in better media...hopefully this becomes something I can look at and laugh because of how well everything is doing ;)

Full shot

Neps aren't too happy

Adelae is overgrowing itself

Pings were a little shocked by the move

Madagascarensis regrowing after tipping over

Capensis being indestructible, capillaris regrowth, VFT still looking like it did in a "death cube"

'Alba' is not happy, nidiformis doing ok

Filliformis didn't make it, same with a lot of the pygmies that I don't have the heart to show...
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Quick question...normally I've been able to keep the temp around 80F during the day and then dip into the low 70's at the very least at night. Now, with a more open space and AC my temp doesn't even reach 75F and stays fairly consistent, dropping into the high 60's maybe. Should I be worried about this at all? Keeping subtropical dews, Mexican pings and intermediates I'm not used to worrying too much about temp since it seemed to be perfect before...just not sure if it would become an issue now.

Also, humidity is pretty consistent around 40-50%.
Temperatures sound okay, especially as most of the plants you have there enjoy cool and bright, but the humidity may be a tad low. They should be able to adapt though, since it's not down to like 10% like it is around here..... everything just needs some time.
Also, I feel your pain on the filiformis. My FL reds aren't dead yet, but they're not happy at all....
I guess humidity is a bit lower than it has been too, but not as drastic. I was thinking of maybe DIYing a plastic cover around the three sides and seeing if that at least kept it less drafty during the day. The AC units are powerful in my small apartment.

I have no idea why the filiformis was so weird. I swear it died down to the roots like 2 or 3 times, would grow back nice for a few weeks and then it crapped out completely.
Well, it's not the most exciting news but my media "collection" has grown...I now have canadian peat moss, perlite, silica sand, vermiculite, orchid bark, LFS, dolomite lime, Turface, and lava rock. Probably a bit overboard, but at least I'm prepared now and I'm interested in seeing what new combinations I can try for my plants to give them a fresh start. Need to do some rinsing and probably will be doing the big repot session this weekend!

Also received my TDS meter. RO water issues followed...http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?135046-Portable-RO-unit-for-an-apartment

Newer dews. Burmanii, Tok x rotund, affinis, 'Lantau Island', synderi

New ping grow looks encouraging!

Oh hey there roseana

Progress has been so-so. Repotted everything...dews are in LFS and are growing well for the most part. Kinda splurged on some new species since I had more room. Pings (not seen) took a nose dive and were replanted in a more mineral soil but haven't gotten any better. I guess we'll see.

Thinking about getting another T5 to compensate for the lack of light on the sides. Need to confiure something quick for the Pings and Neps which are on the shelf below.