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I've made babies

This is my first time growing sundews from seed.




Should I be feeding once they get leaves? Fish pellets?
Aw congrats on the newborns.
Nice Job!
They're so kyewt at that age!
would do well to feed them very small amounts and fish pellets are good,congrats
Let them gain a little size before trying to feed them, IMO. Not to mention, it's really hard to feed plants at that size (also hard not to overfeed them when you DO feed them at that size)

What species is it?
springtails. lots and lots of springtails.
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I have three varieties in sections of the flat. D. rotundifolia, D. intermedia, and D. venusta.
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I feed seedlings when they have 3-4 leaves. Just a spec of fish food dust works fine. I notice if i dont feed them they pretty much stop growth at seedling size.