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It's happened...


I knew it would eventually. I've fallen for tarantulas.

It was Mass's pictures of the OBTs that did it. From there, I decided to check out some T pages, then I found Arachnoboards and it was all over. I'm hooked. No tarantulas yet (still researching like a madman) but I plan on getting some A. versicolor slings sometime in the next month.

Are any T owners/enthusiasts going to be at the ICPS show in August? It would be nice to speak to some other keepers! I just joined Arachnoboards as "Hagrid." :-D
I know what you mean. I am trying very hard not to re-read those threads. :spidersmile:
Yeah I recently got one for myself after contemplating on Mass' pictures, just be warned its almost as interesting and addicting as carnivorous plants! :spider: