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It's good to be back! (And the California Academy of Sciences)

Hey everyone! Jeez, it's been ages since I've posted here. With my relatively recent move to San Diego and the (crumby) job search and everything else, it's been hard to find the time to get back on Terraforums. But times are a' changin'!

Just a quick update on where I'm at: I have a patio full of Nepenthes (and one D. regia) that all seem to love the San Diego weather - they're starting to pump out pitchers now that Spring is here. My girlfriend and I adopted three hermit crabs today from Petsmart (Shorty, MC Hermie and Cornelius) and one of them has buried himself, so we're assuming he's about to molt. I finished the third draft of my first novel yesterday, which is exciting, and in the next few weeks I'll be querying literary agents. After eight months of writing, you can imagine how excited I am about this!

We went to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco last week, which was amazing, and they do have carnivorous plants there. In the 4-story rainforest they had a bunch of light-starved Nepenthes (when will people learn that these plants need lots of light?) and I think it was in the aquarium that they had a decent setup filled with butterworts and sundews and a sick-looking Heliamphora (once again, all of them light-starved). At least they weren't in as bad of shape as the ones at Seaworld - sheesh! Regardless, it was cool to see them being part of the exhibits. I might post photos later!

Anyways, it's good to be back. I hope you're all doing well. Let me know what's been up!
Heyyyy!! Good to see you back. Interesting update. I wish you great luck on the novel. I hope it goes well for you. Is there any mention of CPs in it?

I have a friend out there in the San Diego area.

All good CP folk find there way back here again. :-D
Thanks for the great welcome-back guys!

And no, there aren't any CPs in this particular novel (it's a young adult supernatural adventure about a remote mountain town), but I do have some cool ideas regarding the incorporation of CPs into a future story. I'm just waiting for the right inspiration to open up.
Hey PlantAKiss: Just thought you should know - I'm editing my novel manuscript today and I actually put in a part about Venus Flytraps. There's a character who's into weird stuff, and it just seemed to fit, so yeah, there ARE CPS in it (well, a mentioning of them).
I used to keep a bunch of hermit crabs too. Check out the Hermit Crab Association forums. They can be really helpful. Narnar on this board is really active over there. Anyhow, he probably isn't molting this soon after you brought him home, rather buried himself to de-stress. They will often do that after being brought home to someplace that has decent enough conditions. Good luck, and welcome back!
I was actually just reading about the de-stressing thing yesterday, and I'm pretty sure that's what they're up to. We've given them plenty of forest bedding, at least a good six or seven inches worth, and I think they probably saw it and freaked out! Their tank at Petsmart had like an inch or two of sand, so I'm sure they're loving life right now.
I still have the all the ones that had survived to the last time I talked to you. All in all, I think it's N. ampullaria, x trichocarpa, macfarlanei, bellii, ovata, and the unlabeled one which I am fairly certain is N. sanguinea. N. ovata just recently started successfully pitchering, after a few false starts. It's still not much bigger than three or four inches across, but the pitchers are as tall as the leaves are long, or bigger, and it's growing like gangbusters. The last few have really begun to show the fine toothing on the peristome. Thanks again!