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It's Cold Out There!!

I won three neps off eBay last week, N. madagascariensis and 2 N. burbidgeae's. I suggested a heat pack before shipping but he claimed that he never lost a plant to the cold and shipped. Seems like a nice enough guy and shipped very fast and when they arrived and I pulled the bare root plants out of the box they were ice cold. As I removed the rubber bands and baggies, paying close attention to the condition, I wasn't seeing anything except that one of the plants growth tip was dead and dry I assume from lack of water or maybe too low humidity. Two hours later I looked in on the newly potted plants and witnessed black areas developing on the leaves of two. One had a fresh leaf which looked the worst so I am still monitoring to see if they snap out of it. There isn't much root structure for the size they are which also leads me to believe that they dried out a little too often or the black media that was stuck to the roots was too dense. Now I'm not finicky and as long as they survive to produce healthy foliage it goes no farther but I sure do wish the seller had added a heat pack or allowed me to buy one off eBay and have it sent there. I bought a N. miribilis? off there several months ago that was....putting it loosely...... packed loosely and beat to heck by the time it arrived....I added before and after shipping pictures below plus a current picture in case someone would like to dispute my ID as miribilis.
09/18/2012 as advertised as a "Unknown miranda Hybrid"

09/26/2012 after delivery

eh? Looks like N. mirabilis or a potentially a N. mirabilis hybrid. Hard to say for certain.

Photos of your new plants?
Nice save..