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Is this wild lettuce(Lactuca Virosa)?


I dug this one up and placed it in a pot. Seems to meet the physical traits including a huge tap root.


Seems to be some sort of lettuce anyway.
Don't think so. Looks like some kind of Rumex species to me.
It doesnt have any white sap that comes out. I'm gonna have to wait for flowers. Problem is, these things grow in areas of the yard that we mow. That root is probably very old.
Ah, yep, seems to be correct. I just figured out that L. virosa is a Anderson so definotely not that.

I also just learned I have wild Euphorbia growing near where I found the rumex. My yard is so Interesting.
You can pick up wild lettuce seed on ebay then you shouldn't have any guesswork.
I was just wondering what this was- don't have any interest in it botanically. And actually it isn't even a dandelion it just looks similar.