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Is this a real Nep?

I saw this picture on Pinterest, and I'm skeptical of its authenticity, so I thought I'd ask the community at large. Is this a real kind of Nepenthe? (I don't own this picture).
Yes, what I believe it is is the "black" form of N. albomarginata (note the white collar) but is photographed under slightly bluish lighting conditions (high kelvin rating) to give it a more "violet" or "lavender" color. the intensity of the green also leads me to believe the pic has been altered by the "vibrancy" setting in newer versions of photoshop.
I agree with Josh 100%. This is the black/purple form of albomarginata but the photo appears to have been doctored up a bit.
What they said. Younger plants of this species tend to produce tiny tendrils like that.