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Is there an Ugliest Plant of the Month?

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I nominate this one:


This has to be the lankiest, mankiest VFT leaf I've ever seen, lol. Not the kind of thing people usually take pictures of. Hell, it's even got warts (upper left of the leaf).

The reason it deserves a close-up is because I made it this way, by being impatient, and trying to re-pot two established plants; shocked them, and they died down to exactly 1 leaf each. But they've been such troopers. It's as if they poured every last erg of energy into keeping that one leaf alive. It's wonky-looking for sure, but that sucker is strong and tough...and the plant was smart enough to delay trap-manufacture on that leaf until it was able to begin new growth.

...The leaf in this picture, despite it's unformed trap, is over 2 months old. *is genuinely amazed*

If you love your ugly plants just as much as your beautiful ones, post pics!
Oops, just saw previous post.
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Oops, just saw previous post.

It's okay though. Necro'ing a thread from 5 months ago probably would have been worse. I missed what you said because I went through the other one. Nice pics, I thought some of those looked awesome, not being biased by having been exposed to too many ideal specimens. :)