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Is outdoors better?

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Is growing CP's outdoors better than indoors? Always? other than the fact that you have to go outside to see them, I mean.

Are plants generally healthier outdoors?
It depends on what you're growing and where you live. Tropical plants such as Nepenthes tend to be indoor plants because they do not get the humidity and temperatures that they get near the equator. Plants such as sarracenia tend to be outdoor growers because they are native to the US and used to our temps & humidity (except if you're n a really cold area like Canada, then the Sarracenias might need to be brought inside during the winter). With droseras it depends on if you have tropical or temperate species.
I should have paid more attention in Biology class...
Where do you live (it's helpful if you put that with your screen name so that people can cater recommendations to your conditions)? What are you trying to grow?

My personal thought: Given the proper outdoor conditions, outdoors is almost always better than indoors, and a greenhouse better than inside under grow lights. Natural light provides several benefits to plants that can sometimes be difficult to recreate with artificial lights, so even a windowsill can be a better option for some plants. The catch is, outside doesn't always have the proper conditions for the plant you are trying to grow (which is why 80% of the plants I have grow indoors under grow lights), nor does one always have funds and wherewithal to properly care for a greenhouse.

With that in mind, I would agree with Lance's recommendation.

Give us a little more info and maybe we can help out more :)

Edit: Of course, beautiful plants can and are grown under grow lights, and is common practice. I'm just saying that under ideal outdoor conditions, outdoors is probably better. And most north American CP's in particular can be very difficult to grow indoors in the long term, and do best outside.