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Is it true?

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Re-runs - Thanks, you aren't helping. I think I will take my CPs off the Senior citizen home now...
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Now... back to the program... "Moving Pings".
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They should call this "The Thread That Would Not Die"...lol. (Not that it SHOULD, mind you). I think its great.

Pthiel, I will admit it...I remember Rawhide. Soooo...how old does that make me?? :shocked:

"Keep them dogies movin'....rawhide! <crack>"

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PlantAKiss - You are a Saint!!  Saved me from having to try to act wise. I've decided it is not old - it's experienced, of course being experienced at getting older may not necessarily be something to brag about.

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lol Pthiel

If age makes you wise, then I must be VERY wise. lol I don't mind getting older...except the body falling apart thing.
Getting up out of bed takes on a whole new meaning.

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lol Parasuco!
Wow! thanks old folks :biggrin: for tellin me the first few lines of that rollin song! I have always wondered about what they said! hehe!
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Cruel are the young - before you know it your day will come, enjoy the time.  I still think of muself being 18 - until I try to do something, then the body reminds me that I'm not.
PlantAKiss - I am enjoying some of the benefits of being 'of age', past alot of the worries and looking forward to retiring in the future, but getting everything moving fluidly in the morning is a bit of a chore, it seems to take a little longer every year to get the muscles moving correctly and all the little aches and pains worked out.  But getting older beats all the other options I can think of..

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Yeah, this thread has become its own General Discussions forum. :)

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I just wanted to post to keep the thread up. I'm hoping it will become "The Longest Thread of All Time". lol

Maybe I should add a ping related comment just to make this official. My p. lutea has finally started growing. I thought the little critter was going to expire on me.