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Is it true?

Is this true and if so, can you tell me which Pings roll up their leaves when they catch their bugs.
LOL, n/m. I remembered myself, temperates are the ones knows to have movement capacity.
The leaves of the temperate species don't "roll" up, but they do curl a little, esp. if the prey is at the edge of the leaf. It's a slow process and not very dramatic, but over time it is observable.
most mexican pings will 'dish' under their prey, forming a small depession. P.lusitanica has rolled edges already, and will roll slightly more with prey but not significantly
if the prey is close to edges of leaf, it will slighty roll for temperate and mexicanz. Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'! yea!
walmart? sounded like Limp Bizkit to me. Then again, I have been wrong once before in my life.
Limp Bizkit is the 'rock' song I referred to. See how I incorrectly lump things into categories?

But don't you know that wonderful Walmart song from the commercials??
rolling, rolling, rolling
keep those prices rolling,
keep those prices rolling,
roll on!
etc etc etc
And the smiley face :))) swishes around and kicks(or bumps!)the prices to lower, more affordable levels.
Can you tell I pay too much attention to commercials? :biggrin:
When were you wrong once before in your life, may I ask? I'm wrong on a daily basis.

Staying on topic, pings that do roll their leaves were given the scientific spotlight in a recent Carnivorous Plant Newsletter(CPN). It was the June '01 issue.
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Ya you pay way too much attention. LOL. That's ok though, heck, someone has to, and since I don't have television anymore the responsibility must fall to the next tele-warrior worthy of the quest. LOL.
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MOST commercials I just ignore (e.g. loud car commercials), but a flying smiley
face sort of catches your attention. And that music--hypnotizing! When I enter a WalMart I always look around and try to imagine what would happen if a big, yellow smiley face starting flying around, singing and kicking (and bumping) into prices. Someone would call security for sure.

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God that'ld be nice though huh? Just give a little whistle and the smiley would come floating on over to make that LinkSys home networking kit affordable. LOL.
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Would be tough to get used to, though. Don't you think you'd do a double take if you saw a singing smiley face zooming at you at top speed?
Especially in a place as mundane as WalMart.
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LOL, or if the guy next to you accidentally was whistling rawhide and here come's smiley and knocks you down and scares the poor guy to death and he goes running to the tabloids ranting about huge yellow mutant alien experiments being performed in the back of the Wal-Mart Garden center. LOL.
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yeah, with all the crazy things you see in tabloids...

looking back a bit, I see this thread started with pings rolling up their leaves to catch bugs, now it's huge yellow mutant alien smiley faces greeting us at WalMart.

6.5 months is one long-lived thread
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I think it would be interesting if the big smiley face started to sprout identical smiley faces, in a rosette, then it rollin, rollin, rollin 'ed over ppl who complained about the price in Walmart style lingere... boo
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LOL! :biggrin: I really like commercials. I think they are funny! I like the cheesy ones off of cable tele. One, I now it s not a funny subject but, this old guy lowers himself to the ground and calmly announces, "Help. I'm having a heart attack." Haha! :cheesy: bad acting!!!
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hahaha, yea, i know that one... Or the woman who fell and pressed her button... *ahem* i've fallen and i cant get up... *over and out*
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Ok I'll show my age. The Wal-mart Rollin' song is from an old TV series 'Rawhide',
Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Keep those doggies rollin'

Clint Eastwood as a young actor.

Now somebody else admit they remember the show so I do not feel like the only old fart here..

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Sure, I remember that show...that is, I remember watching re-runs of that show! heh

It is funny how companies will modify a popular song to make it relate to their product. An example is the Alamo rental car company's modification of Don't worry, be happy into Don't worry, drive happy. And I'm trying to remember the song Burger King modified....was it a song from the '70s?