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Hello from Knoxville, TN. I have just joind you forum after a recommendation by one of your members. For 14 years i collected adenium, pachypodium, and a few orchids while living in Florida. When I moved to Knoxville I had to give them up. I don't know if you have ever had to give up a collection but my heart still hurts and I am sure always will. They are still in FL and have a great new home by another collector.

I have always had an interest in CP's. I have been reading everything I can and purchased the book Savage Garden. I only recently purchased a few pitchers and flytraps. I am looking forward to participating in this forum and hopefully one day maybe contribute somthing of interest to you.

Thank you to everyone for all the knowledge you've shared thus far. Know that it is appreciated! I especially love the pictures of eveyones collections.

I live here in Tennessee with my dog Fyre, an Italian Greyhound who is my BFF and the love of my life.
Hey fyre, welcome to Terraforums. I was born in Knoxville - what a beautiful countryside. I am certainly jealous.

I can only imagine what it is like to give up collection. My wife still threatens me about having to downsize my plant collection if we move into a smaller apartment in a year. I don't know what I'll do!

Welcome fyre, enjoy ! O and was wondering who recommended you to this site.
Welcome to the forum please be sure to show us a picture of your plants when they come also what kind of pitcher a North American pitcher, Sarracenia or a Asian pitcher plant, Nepenthes also if you have any problems be sure to ask and check around the forum there's alot of nice information on the plants.

If you decide to get a Nepenthes try a N.Sanguinea, N.Ventricosa, N.Ventrata there's a few others that do well as beginner plants I have one called N.Gentle and it's doing well at my window.

So you have an Italian Greyhound? They're just awesome dogs, aren't they! They certainly make great pets, and friends. :)
Thanks all for the nice welcome. I will post pics of my new plants when I get a chance. They have arrived and i have potted them up. Made a couple of mini-bogs and placed Lowe's flytraps in them. I sat near them outside and gaze and gaze and gaze. I love that hooked feeling you get with plants you love.

IG's are awesome dogs. My family had many dogs growing up and I love them all but IG are pretty special. Bath, NY Jimmy eh? I used to live in Rochester, NY. Love it up there.

Was referred to the forum by Will Gorum of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Thanks for the recommendations on plants I will check them out.
Welcome to TF!
welcome welcome,

waiting for those pics :poke:

haha let us know what your intersted in and we'll get you involved with the right people

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Hey Fyre! Glad to see you here! Welcome to the group; you'll learn lots!

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Welcome Fyre!

(My dog's registered name is Fyrewyre Ohh So Wicked) so that's what I think of when I see your name. lol

Sorry to hear about you giving up plants. I might have to do the same myself. But...you'll enjoy the CPs!
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Hey there fyre,
i can jest imagine if i had to give up my pachys and adeniums.
Also anothe dog lover here. if i ever get another dog it would be a greyhound that was rescued form the racing tracks .
After all short haired dogs rule.LOL
Welcome ot the forum.
Lois = LMO my initials and way faster to tpye.