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Hi :grin: Guys I like to know about Media of CP's One of my Friend send me some seeds of

nepenthes globosa , nepenthes trichocarpa, nepenthes hirsuta, nepenthes red dragon konak.

dionaea muscipula

D. spatulata

At last i got my seeds :banana2:but only this much now much but like to have more in near future...

and my Question is at what media or subtract i can seeding these seed because i like see how these plants grow from seed i want to plant all but i don,t know how and which media or subtract i have to use for these pls experts and grower help me to get these plants as my pets...
one more thing i like to know that these plants need green how and how there habits and every info about these...bcoz i like to learn about these then i will seeding these seeds pls guys help me to learn something...
I would go with a standard 2:1 or 1:1 compost of peat or milled sphagnum to horticultural sand. That mix will work for all of the species you had mentioned . . .
ok thanks for reply...Coco peat is available here and I have make Green house for these..