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Increasing CP collection

Hi Everyone

I know this is a long shot but does anyone know of any CP nurseries or anyone selling CP's in South Africa?
You get the odd CP here and there in some of the plant nurseries but they are always D. capensis typical, unknown Dionaea, and S. minor. They never seem to cater for collectors.

I have got a few different CP's that I have managed to get from friends and the odd person and so but I would like to expand my collection even further.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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It's hard to imagine that someone who lives in a cp wonderland would have such a hard time getting plants. Some the most coveted carnivorous plants in the hobby hail from your corner of the world. Silver Hill Seeds from ZA occasionally has some great Drosera and Roridula seeds. There are also many European, Asian and Australian vendors that would ship to you as long as you have the proper permits in place.
I personally would start by tracking down your native stuff, with location data if possible (and always under permission), and then leveraging that to growers elsewhere in the world. At the very least, the ICPS seedbank would be immensely interested in location-data Drosera/Roridula, for which you'd get donor seed credit to enhance your personal collection.

You have one heck of an opportunity, living in such a biodiversity hotspot. Possibly visit some ZA botanical gardens and see if they can part with seed?
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Hi, Yes I would have thought in a country like South Africa CP's would have been more readily available. Alas it is not.
I have found two individuals so far that collect and sell a larger variety of CP's. So the list is growing :tumbleweed:

I will keep searching and try some of the botanical gardens as well. As for importing seeds, will have to look into that and the permits required. I have got family in California, maybe I could have them send me some seeds .
Go to Facebook and join some of the CP groups. There are several growers in South Africa, a couple of whom own nurseries.
As has been said try silverhill seeds,you like your dews right,they seem a good outfit
Thanks all. I definitely be investigating all these avenues.
I can vouch for Silverhill. They are an honest and reasonably-priced outfit and they have some great species.