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Hello all. I used to be a lurker here back around 2005. I remember signing up for some free seeds and that's how it all started. I do see some familiar names are still here.

I used to have a decent garden. Variety of traps, dews and neps. I even had several lovely pots and re-pots of Cephalotuses. If I knew how much they cost now, I would have kept them alive. Then my school+work schedule took over and I slowly started to neglect them. Those damn D. Capensis though. I couldn't kill them if I tried. I still think I have nightmares of them taking over... everything. So I'm back for more.

I think my favorite plants are N. bicalcarata, D. scorpioides, U. sandersonii, and Cephalotus.

welcome back don, its good to know someone from back then come back, even though Im new around here sorta hahah :woot: