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carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
Got this ping from a guy I know at a herp expo. He gave me a container with two types of pings last fall. Unfortunately he did not remember the name of either one though he did know that they both were species. Well this one surprised me by blooming off and on all winter though it did have its succulent leaves on. (I had assumed pings mainly flowered while in "trapping" mode ... though there would be the benefit of not eating your pollinator this way.) He had told me that for this one that is quite normal and that it would usually quite flowering for him once summer heat set in. So in hopes of an ID for the one that is still blooming even now here's a couple pics:

I agree with drew, it totally looks like agnata x moctezumae:)
Looks to me like a Pinguicula "Aphrodite." I can see the resemblance to P. moctezumae. Nice plant!