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ID this Ping?

Just got this guy, have absolutely no knowledge of IDing Pings, outside of North American ones. Anyone have suggestions? I'm guessing it's a cultivar, but I'm not sure. I was just told that it's an easy Mexican Ping.

Gonna throw out a guess of moranensis x ehlersiae. It has subtle features of both and that cross is the source of some of the most popular hybrid cultivars like 'Sethos' and 'Weser'. I do not profess any kind of expert-level experience with IDing them though. You might want to flower it and then get a photo up--I imagine some of the die-hard Ping people could slap an ID on it very easily then.
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Yep, a flower might be the only way to ID it. Even then... ???
Aww...well, I'll do all I can to make it flower, but can't promise anything.
Hate to say it but for most Pings they'll flower..... about 1-2 months ago :(. They pop flowers out right after dormancy and before the sticky leaves. May have to wait another year.
I hear you can feed them heavily to get them to flower in grow season, haven't tried it yet though
Depends on the species/hybrid. A couple of mine are in flower now, but others, like 'Aphrodite' and gigantea were flowering over 5 months ago. They often send up flowers out of their typical season too, so just waiting to see might work here.