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ID these spatulate Drosera


I hate bugs. Carnivorous plants get me.
Love the rosetted dews but IDing is certainly not my strong point! I feel like D. spatulata or some sort of derivative is the obvious answer, but I want to be sure.

So I got these from a local garden center. Has grown like gangbusters. Unfortunately no current flowers although it has been flowering vigorously this summer...light purple/pink if I am remembering correctly which seems to fit some of the different varieties.

This one popped up in a madagascarensis pot. I'm sure it sprouted up before I purchased the first unknown plant, but it may or may not be the same since I do have other dews (including spatulata) that occasionally flower.

The main difference is that these have been getting noticeably redder while under the same lighting.

Similar to the one above but this one in a nidiformis pot.

Depending on whether or not they produce seeds, they are probably either D. tokaiensis, or D. x tokaiensis. The latter often has branching flower stalks too.
Thanks, figured it's something close to spatulata. The top one does have more branched flower stalks from what I remember.

Would the second two be the same though? Like I said, I'm 99% positive these popped up prior to the addition of the top Drosera and any other in quite a while...D tokaiensis/x tokaiensis/rot x tok hasn't been in my collection until recently.
If the top one and the bottom two came in at different times, it could be you may have both species and hybrid. The leaves are a rather dead giveaway, determining whether or not the plants are at least one of the two, but to differentiate between species and hybrid takes seeing if the flowers produce seed.
That bottom looks a lot like my Capillaris x intermedia. o.o