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ID Please?

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Hey, can anyone ID this plant for me? Thanks in advance!

Some type of Haworthia. Know I've seen ones similar to this before but names elude me at present.
i think its some sort of cactus good luck man
I know nothing about Haworthia, but it looks like pictures of H. coarctata.

Time to wait for someone to pitch in and prove me horribly wrong! :p
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Thanks for the answers! Unfortunately to me the growth patterns of h. coarctata does not look the same :/
Now that I was looking through Haworthia, could it maybe be an H. Resendeana?
It's haworthia. Not sure which one.

They are great plants. Very easy as long as you keep them on the dry side, let the water drain completely when you water them, and if growing indoors, they do great about 8-10" under a 13 watt CFL.

Reddening means they are getting really intense light. It looks pretty, but in my experience, too much light will cause drying of the tips.

This is Haworthia reinwardtii var. brevicula - first photo is with intense light. I raised the lights and gave it a little rest. Second photo is the resulting color.

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