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ID Help Please....


Sgt Sarracenia
Hello all. I have been watching this Drosera grow at the base of a D binata dichotoma for a while now and decided to transplant it into it's own pot. I do not remember who I got the D binata dichotoma from or I would try them first. If anyone can shed some light on what species this is I would greatly appreciate it. As you can tell the flower has not opened yet, but I thought that it couldn't hurt to take a pic anyway. I tried to pick all of the stray plant material from a neighbors tree out of it, but I guess didn't get it all. Any help is appreciated.




D. burmannii fo sure
Once the flowers open, you'll be able to tell for sure. D. burmannii will have white to barely pink tinted flowers, while its close relative D. sessilifolia will have pink flowers. Another tip, if this helps at all: D. burmannii often has slightly more elongate and triangular leaves than sessilifolia.
I had looked at pictures of the burmannii, but not the sessifolia. I am pretty sure that it is the sessifolia then. The easiest way to describe it is that the leaves look like the head of the Sloth from "Ice Age". LOL I see what you mean about the burmannii being more triangular. Thanks again.
I stand corrected. It is 100% burmanii, or a hybrid of. I found this pic on ICPS and I am convinced that it is D burmanii. See the sloth heads. :-D