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ID and Help

What variety of utricularia is this and any tips to help it out?

Currently in 2 inch pot, in peat, sitting in distilled water, in a southeast facing window.

Could you get a closer picture of the flowers?

I would guess U. laxa or the like, but I'm probably wrong
Yup, that's u. chrysantha. It doesn't look so bad, if those are indeed its thin little "leaves" I spy in the first pic. It may need more/stronger light. But take heart, u. chrysantha isn't much to look at when it's not blooming. The leaves are small compared to, say, u. livida, and not particularly numerous.

This is how I grow mine:
- in the summer, it sits outside, very wet or flooded, in full sun. During this time its tiny leaves lie more or less flat on the substrate. It usually starts flowering after a few weeks.
- when the weather cools down, I bring it inside and grow it in a sunny SW-facing windowsill along with some other terrestrial utrics. The leaves tend to get a bit etiolated in the winter light, though (see pic in the link above).
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