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I got a new pet lol

So the florist at my work found this frog in a plant order she got from Florida I was hoping some one would be able to help me id this guy
A photo would help. Or at least a description......
Very hard to tell from that photo.
How could I help u help me lol do u need to see its front legs I can tell u that it can be bright green and dark like in that picture
See if you can get a better picture. The mottling on the legs would rule out the 2 most common tree frogs to arrive in plant shipments but, it could also be due to stress. Maybe give the animal a day or 2 to get adjusted and try and get a better pic. Where did the shipment of plants come from ?
Florida is all I now and I'm protuberant shore it's a tree frog
Well, it's definitely a tree frog. Question is, what species ? Could just be a stressed out Squirrel Tree Frog or Green Tree Frog.
I'll get a better pic soon I was hoping to if it so I can figure out how to care for it
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Best thing to do for it is set it up in a terrarium with a tight fitting screen top. Add a drainage layer in the bottom, use coir for substrate and Pothos for plants. Provide a water dish for it to soak in if it wants to and mist the terrarium daily. Feed it small crickets.
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Coloring almost looks like a leopard frog, but that would be extremely unusual to get in plant shipments
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Definitely not a leopard frog Skyler. It's a tree frog of some kind. I think that mottling may be due to stress.
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That was why I was saying it was unusual, whatever it is it isn't native to NW Fl, nothing remotely like that around here, if it's from South Fl it could be anything. lots of invasives there
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My boss thought it was a pacific north west frog or something similar
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Very doubtful if the shipment was from FL.
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That's what I said I'll find out were in Florida it came from tomarrow if it helps I'd him or her
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Ya I'm stoked to have it lol now I have a excuse for a new light for the frog and mor plants
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I think it could be a Cuban Tree Frog. They're a horrible invasive. I doubt they'd survive your winters, but whatever you do, don't release it.
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Heres a new pic I hope it helps