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I finally broke down and got a garden gnome


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
at least its a cool one (well, as far as garden knomes go :p )
at least its a cool one (well, as far as garden knomes go :p )

Wait till it's rigged with flashing red eyes, part of my Halloween decor this year
how bout an evil gnome laugh as well? :0o:
Step One: collect underpants

Step Two: ....

Step Three: Profit! :awesome:
Perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse. :-D

Okay, I'm done now. :p
BTW, my grandkids, one is 3 years old, the other 15 months old, love it. The three year old has named it Joy and loves to hold hands with it. His younger sister just gives it kisses. My dog and cats ignore it. One of these days I'll move it outside.