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I don't have the time or room for a new group of plants, but..it flowered


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Over the years I've had a few utric plugs. They did okay for me, but never really grew or flowered so I gave them away. Well this spring I received a small plug as a freebie. Nothing rare or special, except it FLOWERED. little sucker has me looking at them in a new light. Someone please stop me before I acquire anymore.

Nice sandersonii! I always wanted a blue one. I think it likes you!
Love the little rabbits. Get more! Utrics don't take up much room!
He he he, they are evil little devils arn't they! I love them!

P.S. Api, If we do another trade/giveaway in the near future, remind me- I have the blue form (plus other utrics).
Didn't know there was a blue form. Interest peeked.
Didn't know there was a blue form. Interest peeked.

Yep, there are actually a couple of different forms of U. sandersonii. Blue and White forms are the labeled ones I am familiar with but I have heard of others. Mine are not flowering right this minute or I would take a picture. I did see some stalkings rising the other day though- perhaps a photo is in the future :)
Awesome. I just looked at photos and I believe I have the blue form :blush:

At first I thought the whole flower was blue instead of the airbrushed blue look like the photo above!