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I DO grow other things, you know! (besides Nepenthes)

Sarracenia flava ornata X purpurea venosa:
Nice plant!

Let's see some dews...
Nice plant!

Let's see some dews...

Ya know, many of the Drosera I've tried just don't like my Nepenthes house environment. I can grow the binata types reasonably well, and of course spatulata and capensis, weeds that they are....but most others defy me. A couple of the pygmies do well, and D. roseana especially does well for me:
Nice sarr pitcher and pot of D. roseana.

Hey, I could supply ya with enough filiformis to surround the outside of your greenhouse, :lol:
And with the development of the season's new pitchers, my love affair with Sarracenia is born anew:

FYI this is S. leucophylla X (oreophila X minor)