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Hummers giant


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I have had a number of plants that were labeled hummers giant. Not all clones are equal. This HG has amazed me ever since it showed up at my doorstep. It is a vigorous grower and largest pitcher producing plant I have. It is badly in need of a pot upgrade. Already over flowing it's 6 inch pot

I've learned with cephalotus that the source is more important than the clone!

Good growing! That's monstrous! How old is the plant?
That is a stunning plant!
:0o: So jealous, haha.
Thanks for all of the compliments.

This plant is a few years old. Not sure exactly. The pitchers are slightly smaller because this plant flowered like crazy this summer.

I have another hummers that is traced back to the man himself. Hopefully this one has some surprises in store for me. It's alittle slower growing than the plant above

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Both are very nice looking plants. I only have a couple typical seedlings, but maybe one day..... and maybe soon I can get them to produce color like yours
Nicely done jcal ,both beautiful examples
Beautiful.... Some day I will try to grow one....
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Again, thanks for all of the kind words. Cephalotus is my favorate of the cps and i have learned alot dealing with them. If anyone has any questions I am an open book.
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What are you using for the top dressing???
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The top dressing in the smaller Ceph looks like Turface to me.

That is one massive HG there, nicely grown!

I'd love to "borrow" it and bake it for you! This one is fresh out of the rain.

Ceph. 'Hummer's Giant'
by randallsimpson, on Flickr
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loving the color on that ceph. I need to upgrade my t8 lights but I have just been too lazy to do it.
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and the top dressing is turface.